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Minimum: 600 - Maksimum: 1,500

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Servis Adı: 🌏 Google Adwords | National Low Competition
Minimum Sipariş Miktarı: 600
Maksimum Sipariş Miktarı: 1,500
Fiyat: 1,000.00$

ATTENTION: It is the original Google Adwords service, does not contains any bot programs.

Enter full link of the website (https://www.domainname.com/) Amount you entered will be amount you spend.  100$ will be deducted as service fee, rest of the payment will be credited to Google Adwords account. Can be used for corporate websites, e-commerce websites, or any other types of websites Your advertising request must be legal in the targeted countries. Report will be delivered with full details, and you can track the activity through your Google Analytics account. Your ads will be listed as long as you have balance. If you wish to continue with the same service without any change, order the same service. We will deduct 50$ fee, and top up your balance with the rest of the payment. 

Once ordered, you must open a ticket with the following information in 6 hours: List of target countries (necessary), List of keywords (not necessary),  Additional information (anything you want to mention),

In case, if you just put website name, without any additional information, after 6 hours; We will do digital strategy and analyze your system, We will publish your ads on Google Adwords program for only your country.

MANUAL SERVICE [Open Ticket] Will be activated in the same day, most cases, in 12 hours! Once ordered, it cannot be cancelled. Once started, we will continuously apply necessary changes.  Once started, you cannot change the target countries, website or campaign. Reliable service.

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